Nickname for the city of Seattle, WA. Used in a Sir Mix-a-Lot song.
Back to the 2 0 6
Double up my grits
And Sea-town giving po po fits
by Morgan March 11, 2005
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Any kind of town by the ocean (sea), which ususally is located in the Northeast-Central Atlantic Coast. They are ususally very small, and fishing is very big. The colors of the houses may reflect the colors of the ocean, including teal, blue, white, green, and/or yellow. Small towns like Brielle, New Jersey, and Martha's Vineyard are good examples. They usually have sprawling beaches, and a pretty nice boardwalks. Very few tourists are usually present.
Bob: Hey, do you want to go to Miami for vacation?

John: Oh, no, not with those fat tourists. Let's go to a little sea town instead.

Bob: That makes more sense...
by Brielle Man July 11, 2008
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name for seattle, wa. used by people from washington. came from chi-town for chicago.
i crossed the bridge from b-town to sea-town

rep west sea-town.
by frankiemoron April 28, 2008
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