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When a powerful entity, such as the mememan, consumes you. The thing that gets scwhomped is sent into a dimension of eternal darkness, and is trapped there forever.
Did you hear our professor got scwhomped!

It’s in your best interest to not get scwhomped by the mememan.
by The All Consuming Yeast May 02, 2018
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To consume and digest the entirety of one's head, whether one is giving consent or not. This action is used generally when a living being widens their mouth to such a size that it can embrace the head of another. Often performed by the manman, although can be seen being used by other beings of a similar species.
"Hey, did you hear what happened to Bridget last weekend?"
"Yeah, apparently she got scwhomped whole."
"Tragic, really..."
by theglabella June 20, 2018
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