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An Australian abbreviation and more socially acceptable way of saying: Sucked in Cunt!
I just got ripped of twenty bucks!
My best friend just fucked my girlfriend!
by Squik June 15, 2010
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Scunted (adj.)

S (eriously) cunted.

When you are beyond Munted, have surpassed Cunted- you are Scunted.
You have amnesia of several hours. You are smiling dementedly and dancing on Monday morning after Friday night before. Your irises are fragile dinner plates… You got Scunted.
by *Gaia* November 22, 2005
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Very similiar to munted - basically a progression from that state. Individuals that have progressively declined in appearance/stature into basically a shambolic freakshow lying in a puddle of their own drool. A poor excuse for a human being to be pitied/shunned.
'Anyway the other da - Holy Fuck! Get a load of that guy!' 'Fuck man I think he needs serious medical attention!' 'SCUNTED!'
by R Yenarg July 31, 2005
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