Slang for when somethings is more than good. When it's extra delicious or simply hits the right spot.
It became popular within tik tok users after the use of it in @/monaswain's video (as stated below)
"This lasagna is scrumpdillyicious"

"When I tell you this man is so fine, when I tell you this man is scrump-dilly-icious"
(@/monaswain's tik tok video)

"Taehyung looked scrumpdillyicious in last week's concert"
by hachia October 30, 2021
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Scrumptuous plus Delicious. When something is extra delicious and you want to add even more ephasis in how good it is you put the 2 words together and wahla!
by sweetmagnoliya December 29, 2011
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when referring to a human - eat them out
when referring to food - really good
that man is scrumpdillyicious
by Vextorah March 3, 2023
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- another way of spelling scrumptious. (not rly, but ig.)

- if you think something is really delicious, but scrumptious just i s n t working, this can be used as a replacement.

- a way to say someone is extremely sexy, shrexy, or hot.

- what i am.

- can also be used to describe food, but that’s boring. if you use it like that, you are probs really boring. (but hot cause that’s how i use it 😻😻)
me: (pointing at Tsumugi Kotobuki) this is so scrumpdillyicious.

sister: at this point just make her into a cake so it makes since.
by Tsumugi Kotobuki May 28, 2022
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