Screwed and fucked.

That's simple enough isn't it?
aww man, were scrucked

what's that mean?

go to dude
by Ven August 24, 2004
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screw (screw you) + fuck(every non sexual use of the word fuck)
ex. #1

guy 1(about to die) "awww scruck!"

ex. #2

guy 1 "fuck you"
guy 2 "oh yeah? Scruck you bitch!"
by Saiax777 June 14, 2007
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Screw It and Fuck It combined to use when you are pissed and cant really use profanity because of the company you are around
I am sick of listening to you - just Scruck It
by classicdaisy June 6, 2005
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mix between screw and fuck for those who are too lazy to use both and thus combine insults
scruck you bitch
by Big J February 17, 2004
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