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Scroterboat, scroterboating, scroterboated. The word was created in lakewood ohio during a shift at the winking lizard tavern. To scroterboat one is to perform the act of placing the face of one person in the scrotem of a man thus performing the motorboat action creating the scroterboat.
Mr. Mcristall had taken off his pants, when a small hispanic man came up and performed the scroterboat.

The hispanic likes scroterboating

I had been scroterboated.
by THE BLACK RINGGGGGG August 14, 2011
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Similar to motor boating breasts but, happening to the nutsack instead.
Martin: What are you doing?
Thomas: I am gonna give you something.
Martin: W-What?! My pants!
Thomas: This is called Scroterboating
*Thomas motorboats Martin's nuts.*
by D0CT0R LEM0N March 31, 2017
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