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Buying someone something less for Christmas because they didn't buy you anything for your birthday or a past event.
Ex. Carl: "Hey Danny, can I have a beer, It's my birthday after all?"
Danny: "No, I already gave you one yesterday."

(Carl goes home)

John: "So hows it going?"
Carl: "Not too good. My friend's such a cheap bastard. I think this Christmas I'm a be Scroogin' a little bit."
by TheScrooge November 24, 2010
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When someone gets upset that Christmas decorations are put up or lit up before Thanksgiving. Also when someone is critical of how someone decorates for the holidays.
Meghan was scroogin' about the Smith's Christmas lights on in their yard up before Thanksgiving.
Meghan and Liz were scroogin' about the poor decorating in their neighbor's yard.
by Meg's Mom January 27, 2017
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