scroggy adj. (skrog-gie) - dirty, slimy, unwashed.
"Bekah hasn't showered in a week! She's so scroggy!"
by Rupert & Gerard December 8, 2011
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a male that hangs out at truck stops trading blow jobs for single cigarettes or a puff on someone’s vape. Also known to hide in the truck stop shower area. He normally wants people to call him Uncle Scroggie.
That scroggie have been hanging around the truck stop all day, on the creep.
by Redwingbrock December 9, 2021
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an abreviation of collective words

Scratch your dog you flappy minge
you can call someone a Scroggy Flaninge and they will be none the wiser

"shut up man you Scroggy Flaninge"
by Mikel & Steff September 1, 2008
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When someone is trash at riding dirt bikes(usually stolen) , slang originated from bradford.
Harvey is Scroggy on a bike
by harris110000 July 12, 2023
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