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To prove somthing with a Screenshot. Commonlly used to win instant messaging arguments. Can be followed up with a BOOM HEADSHOT!
Person A says:
oh yeah prove it

Person B sends:


Person A says:
This will be good...

Transfer of "Imageofproof.jpg" is complete.

Person A says:
oh, sorry i belive you know, i am an idiot

Person B says:
just used my computer skills to Screenshoot you. BOOM HEADSHOT!
by westwoo October 11, 2010
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To capture a part or the whole of one's computer display. More commonly referred to in noun form as screenshot.
"Did you see the screenshot I sent you of that cool new game?"

"No, the image was corrupted!"

"Okay, I'll screenshoot it again then"
by killerzip May 01, 2009
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