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Screen-voyeurist – a person actively practicing to observe personal life of people through spying on their screens in public transport, office or at home.

When traveling in public transport, observer’s view unwittingly falls on the screens with the personal life inside out. “My sweet cat, I’m coming”, the owner of a smartphone is typing a message, someone next to her is sending a personal SMS, somebody on one side is “liking”, on the other — is mindlessly poking in Secret. The same picture takes place in the office: person unwillingly becomes an observer of personal life of virtually every screen; someone’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. and personal photos catch the eye.
– Hey! Are you a spy or what?
– Huh?!
– You're watching what I'm doing on my iPhone all the time!
– Sorry... Can't do anything with it. View is unwittingly falling there – I'm a screen-voyeurist.
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by August 17, 2016
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