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Scott Logic is another illuminati conspiracy, it confuses, sees all, and trolls all who attempt to understand it. Scott Logic is comparable to infinity divided by zero, and it has been behind all conspiracy theories whether known or not. Scott Logic is the logic that is both logical and illogical, and even Chuck Norris is unable to comprehend it's impossibility. Scott Logic is like my sense of humour, the only one who can understand it is me.
" Scott Logic is the only thing worse than Algebra" - Everyone

"Scott Logic is the only true definition for Scott Logic" - Scott
by Saxoholic April 17, 2015
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It’s the linking of two or more unrelated thing by using random things that some how makes it true
Dang did you see how just made jesus the daughter of Hillary Clinton.

Yeah man it made total sense

Of course becuase jesus has 5 letters and Hillary has 7 and if you do 7-5 you get 2 and 2’s a even number.

Yup two is a even number and if you multiply it by 3 it equals six and there is 6 letters in Hillary and Christ.

Man that’s all the evidence I need. tTme to go vote for jesus’ s monther for the election!

And it’s all thanks to that’ good ol’ Scott logic
by NotAThotScott March 15, 2018
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