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Those whom have been fortunate enough to have once attended the mighty Scotch College in Perth, Western Australia. "Scotch Boys", who are often referred to as lads or as having displayed a ladsy demeanour, are well known for both academic ability and unrivalled sporting prowess.

Unlike boys from other private schools, Scotch Boys actually have penises and aren't afraid to use them whilst courting fine women from other private institutions like PLC, MLC and St. Hilda's.

There is irrefutable evidence to suggest, in fact, that girls in general would rather do a Scotch Boy over any other student anywhere in the world, such is the reputation associated with the College and its students.
Guy 1: "Is that a Scotch Boy?"
Guy 2: "Shit let's bail"


Scotch Boy: "Hi..."
Hot Girl: "FUCK MEEEE!"
by El Ladsy January 15, 2008
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Any one who attended Scotch college in western australia, an "elite" private school that turns out homosexuals and social misfits. Alludes to the fact that these boys act like girls, are very clicky, gossip like ladies in there 50s and generally have small penises... do i need to keep going? You know what I'm talking about!
there is probably a school in your neighbourhood that fits this description

Scotch boys all end up taking it up the ass eventually
by sctotchboysarefaggots January 10, 2007
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A term used to describe a homosexual. The term originated from the countless examples of students at the elite Scotch College, Hawthorn, Australia, who were known to be involved in man to man relationships. The term has been extended to apply to anyone in such a relationship, particularly if they're soft upper middle class pretty boys.
"Man look at that Scotch boy walking down Glenferrie, he sucks so much dick"
by jimmydeck March 13, 2008
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