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Scotch College is a prestigious all-boys school in Melbourne that is located on Glenferrie road.

The majority of the school are fuckboys or are irrelevant Asians, especially the year 9 faggots.

There are a few notorious gangs, which has a very bad reputation of vaping and throwing gang signs which is extremely gay!!

Most students are pretty good looking, however, we do have a few ugly ducklings at the school, who are very gay and lungs will stop working by the age of 16. They are obsessed with rowing and are head over heels over their schools' name which is pretty homophobic.

Their uniforms should be discontinued because they look like skanks, and most of the school has a weird obsession with getting mullets which is also very gay.

You can witness at Glenferrie oval many scotch boys walking as a group all having mullets shaved by their mates. They also like shaving each other's sides which is another homosexual act.

Lastly, scotch boys are very desperate and will hook up with other desperate hoes.
I just saw a fag from scotch college with a freshly cut mullet.
by schooldefclub July 10, 2019
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A private school in Perth filled with a bunch of crap lads
"I bet that kid was a scotch college kid"
"Yeah he was such a maggot"
by Dr Dank May 04, 2015
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a snobby boys school in swanborne full of nice guys just looking for a fun time ;) however they are also unfortunately extremely gay and retarded. mostly super hot and cill. most of the boarders are cool dudes apart from the year 7s who are extra gay and are so socially retarded that they cant talk to girls without crying.
girl 1: ohhh damn look at that guy! what tf he's so hottttttt!!!!
girl 2: *drools* must be from scotch college, just look at that ass!!!
random girl: he's a year 7! EWWWWW
*girls run away and cry and pray away their sins*
by loverboy125 November 27, 2019
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