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1. a highly offensive term for something that is unpleasant, of no value, or of inferior quality. Also, rubbish, abysmal, disgraceful

2. a highly offensive term for human or animal excrement. shit or poo

3. an offensive term for somebody who is vastly overweight and unhealthy. A fatty or a porker

4. an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody with a learning disability or somebody regarded as unintelligent. Someone who is disabled or retarded
1. "Your drumming is appalling, it is utter Scorge."

2. "Look at the huge Scorge that's been left in the men's toilets."

3. "Have you been eating king-rib suppers for breakfast, lunch and dinner? You look like Scorge."

4. Check out that Scorge over there, I think he has down's syndrome.
by Jake Spike September 23, 2006
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