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Another word for spastic. Came into use when the Spastic's Society changed it's name to Scope.
You Scoper!
You're such a Scoper!
by KiBe April 29, 2003
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Someone who is mentally deficient.
From Scope the society for Spastics.
Also vaild are;
I dont think that Justin Timbelake can dance. In fat I think he is a real SCOPER
by Child of the Monkey Basket August 17, 2003
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Some one who regularly does stupid things. Synonym for a spastic.
by Gadget February 17, 2004
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The arrival of coeducation at St. Paul's in 1971 inspired the verb to scope (a foreclipping and conversion of "telescope") and the derived noun scoper, "one who appreciatively ogles the opposite sex." From this process has arisen an unofficial organization named SCOPERS, a reverse acronym, or bacronym, for "Students Concentrating On the Palatable Extremities of the Reciprocal Sex.

-Richard Lederer, Adventures of a Verbivore, 1994
by Waterme July 17, 2008
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