Another word for spastic. Came into use when the Spastic's Society changed it's name to Scope.
You Scoper!
You're such a Scoper!
by KiBe April 29, 2003
Someone who is mentally deficient.
From Scope the society for Spastics.
Also vaild are;
I dont think that Justin Timbelake can dance. In fat I think he is a real SCOPER
by Child of the Monkey Basket August 17, 2003
Some one who regularly does stupid things. Synonym for a spastic.
by Gadget February 17, 2004
A scoperistic mannerism! Any mannerism that is a bit 'special'. Coined after the Spastic society became known as Scope and the word Spastic was replaced with Scoper.
He/she has some really funny scoperism's! James is such a scoper!
by Jefferey Jefferson June 11, 2008
The arrival of coeducation at St. Paul's in 1971 inspired the verb to scope (a foreclipping and conversion of "telescope") and the derived noun scoper, "one who appreciatively ogles the opposite sex." From this process has arisen an unofficial organization named SCOPERS, a reverse acronym, or bacronym, for "Students Concentrating On the Palatable Extremities of the Reciprocal Sex.

-Richard Lederer, Adventures of a Verbivore, 1994
by Waterme July 17, 2008
born in the call of duty series, a miss scoper was coined due to how many times they "miss" the target they shoot at before they hit it. A miss scoper is usually another optic quick scoping wannabe who would love nothing more then to be a optic sniper but misses his quickscopes more then he hits them. This quickscoper will miss you about 4 to 5 times but possibly MIGHT hit you once. If he does manage to hit you once, he will go on and on about how he is a "pro" even though he misses 4 shots before he hits you once. Miss scopers usually have an accuracy of 30 to 35% with his sniper.
Miss Scoper *after finally killing his target on the 6th shot* - dude i am so pro, i don't know why optic hasn't recruited me yet!.

Hard Scoper *after killing the miss scoper with one shot* - dude, maybe they haven't recruited you because you miss 5 quickscopes before you hit one.

Miss Scoper - shut up you stupid hardscoper, i am a pro, did you not see that kill cam?

Hard Scoper - if being a "pro" sniper means missing 5 times and then killing your opponent then I'd rather be a "hardscoper" you miss your shots more then once, i don't miss, all i need is one bullet.
by el rey infared April 11, 2011
When you're really good at call of duty, and people get mad. They feel the need to call you something that makes about as much sense as shitting on your dinner. They use the term "hard scoper" because as soon as they watch the killcam, they get ridiculously horny, or hard. This will occasionally be the cause for a premature ejaculation in one's pants.
Kid: WOW! you're such a hard scoper!

"Hard scoper": wait what?, i was using the ballistic knife?

Kid: *moan* aw shiiiiiiiitttttttt.
by Shockey19 June 21, 2011