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The roll call of the Pershing Rifles.

As with other fraternities and societies, the definition is unknown to non-initiates.
Everyday Use:
- What up, frat?

Party Use:
- Damn, she's got a fat ass.
- S-C-O...!
- O-N-E-Y...!
by Been2America March 16, 2010
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The word "Scooney" is a word from the middle east, used to describe a woman of rare mesmerizing beauty. This word is also used to describe a woman of much beauty, that has multiple nationalities. The word became most popular in the middle east, around the early 1800s. It is said to have come from the middle eastern country of Lebanon. It is considered a great honor to be called such a name, and isn't said lightly. In Arabic form, the word scooney, is spelled similar to gorgeous.
Arabic Example:إن جمال المرأة هو الأكثر نادرة ، فهي أكثر من رائع ، انها منظمة شانغهاى للتعاون الناي
(which means 'That woman's beauty is most rare, she is more than gorgeous, she is scooney.")

French Example: "Elle est simplement scooney."
(which means "She is simply scooney.")

English Example: "I have never seen any woman so beautiful in my entire life, she is beyond beautiful, she is scooney."
by LebanonWordsTM February 24, 2010
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