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Any one from or living in the state of Wisconsin. Typically an excuse for boorish behavior, drinking too much alcohol, or being obese.
Toby's Sconny-roots will be showing when the Packers play in the Super Bowl. I reckon he's going to be drinking early and often getting ready for the game!
by ultradope January 31, 2011
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A man lacking genitals, often associated with she-males. Also holds strong connections to simp like tendencies. Examples of such traits include, man fondling, explainable anger outbursts and an urge attract women with the intent to form a dominatrix.
"Why is John's girlfriend spitting in his mouth, he's such a sconny"

"This sconnies only in it for the pussy, look at him fondling her feet, and acting like a rocco.
by PPASP March 17, 2020
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Someone who's moved away from Wisconsin, but is born of that culture. Inherently different from a Wisconsinite, because they know better than to waste their life in Wisconsin. Since Sconnys know how bad it can be, and are smart enough to escape, they tend to make good company.
Tyler's house is full of Sconnys - that must have all migrated from Eau Claire together.
by Rocemdro April 29, 2018
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