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A man, A Myth, A Legend .
People From coast to coast , P.E.I to Vancouver
Scoggis represents the true living within all of us.
Scoggis may be known for the last second 3 pointer you score
Scoggis may be known as that thing.
But All in all. Scoggis Represents what life is all about.The Heart and Soul of Scotland. Nothing can happen, with Mr.Scoggis.
James: I love Scotland. I hope I can live here forever !!!
Darren : Sure ..but one little thing isn't ticking.
Daniel : What can that be ?
Zack : Ya ?
Vitto : Ya ?
Ben : huh ?
Darren:Well, it's the fact that , Nevermind.I believe that is the heart of Scoggis is here..Anything can happen.
Steven: Huh , I was eating my hotdog ?
by Jim O'Toole March 26, 2008
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A Scoggi is a home made object which can be found mostly in the heart of Scotland. Scoggi's are made up of pure maple grove. It's a long fluffy thingy, and it looks like a pillow.
Jamee: Hey, wanna borrow my scoggi ?
Darreee: I'll Pass
by Jim O'Toole March 26, 2008
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