Sco Pa Tu Manaa is a name of a song sang by Ghanaian Artiste; Patapaa.

It doesn't mean anything. Atleast not in any Ghanaian languages but has been given the meaning "WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON THIS MATTER" by Ghanaians on Twitter as an inside joke.

(Nobody uses "Sco Pa Tu Manaa" in any spoken languages in Ghana. It's just used on Twitter)
P.S: The artiste Patapaa is popular in Ghana for rapping jibberish sometimes.
(On Twitter)
Post a picture of something and tweet it with the caption " Sco Pa Tu Manaa"
You'll then get thousands of people retweeting your post with their opinions or sometimes stories related to that topic or picture.
by 98watermelon July 11, 2019
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A phrase coined by Ghanaian musician Patapaa in a music video "Daavi" Doesn't have a meaning as it is not in any official language. Has now become an Internet slang to ask an opinion or experience over a particular subject.
Putting up a picture of a laptop with a caption sco pa tu manaa and people give their opinion or experiences with laptops
by froggymystic July 18, 2019
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The meaning is legit from a song called Kawoula Biov by Daavi Neba and Patapaa who are Ghanaians. The phrase “sco pa tu manaa” was said by Patapaa in the song which is literally Ghanaian gibberish. It was given a meaning by twitter users “what’s on your mind” or what’s your opinion on a topic.
On twitter when an image is posted with the caption “Sco pa tu manaa” they’re asking for your opinion on the image or what’s on your mind when you see the image.
by Safyre__ July 16, 2019
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Sco pa tu manaa means “believe me” in Gujarati and is used to ask other users to tell their opinion about a subject, an image or a meme.
Someone posts an image of an eye with eyeliner with the caption above it saying “Sco pa tu manaa” and people immediately repost it and add something about the subject.
by Allknowingphil September 22, 2019
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