It stand for Snapchat me
For example

Friend: ppl need to leave me alone

Other friend: scm asap
by Britt_angel January 19, 2017
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Name of the file extension for user created StarCraft maps.
My favorite map is Cats vs Mice and Flea.scm
by Cpt.Bob September 21, 2003
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Stands for "Secret Chick Magnet." Usually in reference to hollow kids who for whatever reason have a ton of hot, Asian female friends who like to talk to them on Facebook. Said females may meet said SCM via FPSes like Sudden Attack, which makes said females even hotter.
"You know James?"


"He's actually an SCM. Look at all those posts by girls on his Wall."


"Let's kill him."
by Cosmogony November 14, 2011
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speed crazed morons
obsessed slot racers that will spend any amount of money to win
He is a SCM
by Racin67Chevy January 15, 2011
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Sucks Cock, Man!

The acronym is most commonly used with the family of products by Seapine Software.
Em: "Why is this thing being so gay?!"
Wall: "Cause it's SCM."
by Uh, wibble July 19, 2010
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