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Can also be referred to as "sclit". The scrotum of a Male to Female Transgendered person. Usually applied when hormones are used in conjunction to other physical changes during the Male's transition to female. The testicles and scrotum will decrease in size - thus changing the appearance of the scrotum to one a-typical of an adult or sexually mature male. The term can be applied to a Pre or Post operative transgendered person (with or without the penis), however it's primary usage is with the penis still intact.
"Dude, I squeezed that lady boy's sclitoris as I fucked his ass during my vacation in Thailand multiple times."
"That lady boy's sclitoris sagged a little after she slipped out of her panties."
by Dill Pickelz August 03, 2014
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a sclitoris combines the word scroll + clitoris. It's the scrolling wheel on a mouse that roughly resembles a clitoris.
to quickly scroll down to the bottom of this page just spin the sclitoris.
by jerkemo ho October 26, 2007
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