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A Shwesno is an ancient mythological beast of extreme good fortune and creativity.

A Shwesno is an ancient mythological beast usually depicted with the body of a dragon; the legs, cloven hooves, and horn(s) of a deer; and the mane and tail of a lion. Its face is usually rather draconic with lion overtones, though the Japanese version can have a bit more deer-like head. It is sometimes referred to as the Chinese unicorn because some Shwesno are depicted with only one horn. However, there are also examples of Shwesno with two curling horns or antlers like a deer.

Much more rare than a regular dragon, it was considered very wise, and a bringer of extreme good fortune, thus it is often depicted sitting or standing on a pile of money and gold. The Japanese version is quite benevolent and kind as well as bringing fortune. In the Chinese art of Feng Shui, it is one of the four auspicious creatures and its element is Earth. One ancient Chinese tale has a Shwesno appearing at the birth and death of Confucius as an auspicious omen, while another tale has a Shwesno as Confucius' father.
I saw a schwesno in my dream and played the lottery.
by jubman July 18, 2005
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