A 9 month prison sentence that must be served 12 times in a person's lifetime in order to receive a Certificate of Indoctrination, also know as a High School Diploma. People who do not receive this certificate will be alienated from society, and laughed at by their peers. Usually served from age 6 to age 18 (US).
Rick: I'm in the middle of my 11th School Year.

Jim: Respect man, I quit that shit after year 10.

Rick: What?! Man, nobody's gonna hire you with that record!
Jim: I don't mind, I became a carpenter, and now live happily within my means.
by Fisherman1234567890987654321 December 31, 2014
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A commitment an individual makes to a positive lifestyle change to coincide with the first day of school -- when daily schedules for both kids and parents tend to become more regular.
There's no way Sarah could avoid lying around and stuffing her face with fatty food during the summer, but she's making a school year's resolution to eat better and exercise.
by MiamiDad August 18, 2009
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Skip school day is tomorrow and and

this applies throughout the whole year.
So listen to this post and fill this task andyou will beacome a legend.
Skip school all year if you arent a loser
Beacuse its "National Skip School Day All Year"
by Skip school all year bitches November 11, 2019
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Be super nice to your friends to see if they notice if they do they are true friends if not you guys probably need a break from each other!!
You: the end of the school year has come😋
Friends: I’m so exited

You: (being extra nice)
Friends: why are you being so kind?
You: sorry I can’t tell you look at urban dictionary to find out.
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End of the School Year Depression is that time around the end of May and until the last day of school. It’s a terrible feeling because you know you hate school, but you are used to seeing the same people everyday, every class has a different personality and you feel like you will miss that class because you may not have anyone in it next year. It’s worse if you have a crush. You don’t know if you have any classes with them and it sucks. But, the good news is, it goes away really fast.
I’m gonna miss the people in my class. I’m suffering from End of the School Year Depression.
by Troublepaws May 9, 2019
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Used to describe people with their school photo on a right page of the school yearbook. These are typically people (or things) described as annoying and not funny.
man 1: I guess Santa's helper is a squirrel.
man 2: I bet you were on the right page of the school year book.
by Habopo June 4, 2020
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May also be called high school or pre College

This is a school for grades 9th-12th or 10th-12th
by 459395 March 15, 2022
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