The Associate's degree's bastard step child.

Your allegorical left thumb. As in, if you have a high school diploma, you have a left thumb and no one cares, but if you don't have a high school diploma, then everyone asks why the hell you don't have a left thumb.
Ted: I just got my high school diploma!
Ben: Great, now you can get that lawn mowing job!

Ben: Even though I'm making six figures at this engineering job, I actually never got my high school diploma.
Ted: Omg are you serious? How stupid are you that you can't get a high school diploma!
by sprinkies June 8, 2011
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Paper that costs $15,000(or more) that proves you passed even though you didn't study anything in high school and makes College or uni professors scratch their head if they should report the school who gave you that paper.
My dog wanted to play fetch so I threw my high school diploma.
by MtheWeiss April 15, 2018
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Jasper County High School, graduate of class of 2004 and Class of 2007. High School Diploma, by Kion S. Wilson, 4Yrs of Service to United States Marine Corps Cadet First Lieutenant, CDT1STLT, Commandant of the Cadets in the Corps, The Corpses, and the University of North Georgia. In the state of south carolina, title X of the united states code
The High school diploma is Kion S. Wilson, who now goes by Cadet First Lieutenant
by April 4, 2022
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