"My name is Captain Saulding, the African Explorer, did someone call me schnorrer? Hooray, hooray, hooray!" -- Groucho Marx, Night at the Opera
by Anonymous May 30, 2003
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An irresponsible and garrulous busybody who constantly offers unsolicited and self-serving advice and suggestions. The blocher/kakker/schnorrer is spring-loaded to invite himself (or herself) (un-invited) into one's life, usually with overtones of boisterous dependancy, implying that his (or her) hapless host has obligations to include him (or her) in a variety of activities in which someone else will pay the bill. As an invited (even if self-invited) guest, the blocher/kakker/schorrer will behave as a flamboyant and irresponsibly generous host... until the bill is presented, at which time he (or she) will demonstrate virtuso skill at check-fumbling.
He or she is a blocher/kakker/schnorrer who, unless driven off by relentless whacks with a stick, will disembowel the vitals of another's life. See my definition of "greaseball" to flesh out the picture more fully. To get the straight scoop on just about everything, check out the glossary on my web site at www.squarf.com.
by squarf March 2, 2004
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