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The intended and more badass spelling of the word "snaggle". Schnaggle shows more punctuation without feeling like a sissy.

Verb - To take, steal, to have intercourse with, also used as an insult. High level of intoxication.

Let me schaggle some of those french fries.

Go to hell you Motha Schaggler!

Remember that girl I met at the bar last night? I schnaggled her. I schnaggled her good.

Man last night I drank way too much. I was so schaggled.

Multiple Use:
Ted, schnaggled out of his gord, schaggled a Lexus then proceeded to pick up a prostitute who he schnaggled in the back seat. Ted did not have any money to pay the prostitute so she called him a "stupid mother schnaggler".
by Cameron McVicker February 02, 2008
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After downing a 24 he headed home but smashed into a tree and completley schnaggled his car.

Someone who is a regular fuck-up may be referred to as a schnaggler
by Master Tom April 19, 2006
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a vagina so rotten and hairy a nigger wouldn't live in it
you pull down her pants and her schnaggle pussy looks like a hairy venus fly trap
by brooke leightheiser October 19, 2007
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