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/schmump/ n. A term of endearment; a cross between pumpkin and sugar; Andrew Reale; one who possesses a perfectly round muffin-like coolie.

/schmumping/ v. Wiggling; moping; snuggling; nuzzling; lying; eating; traveling; scooching; whining; jumping around excitedly.
To the boy snuggling into the covers on a late Saturday morning: "You're such a schmump."

To the boy dilly-dallying on the computer rather than going outside to enjoy the rare sunny day: "Stop schmumping around; it's getting late."

Related forms:
schmump-ful, adjective
schmump⋅less, adjective ("Don't leave me schmumpless")
schmump⋅like, adjective
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Person who is sad, grumpy or mopey.
She's such a schmumpkin, she's been real schmumpy lately, what is she schmumping about?
by pbimpette November 07, 2009
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