A German, an American, and a Frenchman are having lunch. They are taking turns complimenting the beauty of each other's languages. The American says "I love the delicacy of French! Like your word for butterfly: "papillon". The word "papillon" is so delicate - just like a butterfly!" The Frenchman answers "And I love the playfulness of English: like "butterfly"! It sounds just like a butterfly if you change the letters around: "flutter-by". Such a beautiful word.

There's a long pause while the American and the Frenchman give the German some side-eye. And the German finally says "Und vot ist wrong mit 'Schmetterling'?"
by Randonym July 25, 2018
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Schmetterling is a German cuss word, created recently, as an urban swear. The definition roughly translates to “b*tch-f*ck”. It also has a double meaning, as it also means “butterfly”, but is rarely used with that meaning.
What a Schmetterling
by Kat1nthehat February 9, 2019
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In English, 'butterfly' sounds warm, and kinda tasty (see 'butternut' and 'butter popcorn'). In French, 'le papillon' sounds, well, typically French and limp-wristed. In German, DER SCHMETTERLING sounds like something that could do you serious damage. It sounds like it would casually flap towards your face, then slap you in it with its 10" schlong. Not to be fucked with.
"Hey man, did you see that schmetterling just now?"
"Yeah, my face still hurts."

"Don't make me call the schmetterlings to sort you out."
by SOTBS October 24, 2009
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The german word for......................Butterfly. Yes. Butterfly. It sounds like something that can slap you in the face with its over sized shlong. Sounds like something that could do you searious damage. MIND FUCK? I think so.
"Wow, look at that DER SCHMETTERLING!"
"Dude, It's a butterfly.."
"Oh. Right. I knew that.."
by Twisted Little Flower October 24, 2009
The best german word there is. Means "the butterfly" in English.
Du bist ein Schmetterling. Ich esse das Schmetterling.

You are a butterfly. I eat the butterfly.
by DUBISTEINEKUH April 15, 2017
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the town where the innocent go to lie.
Residents of Schmetterling, Wyoming are rumored to be in the Witness Protection Program.
by TheARTisUS_dotcom May 15, 2023
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