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A word used to express (or describe) frustration when in a confusing emotional state.
Joe: Your girlfriend was really upset that you forgot to call her again last night.

Matt: But she told me not to.

Joe: Well, she really didn't mean it. She wanted you to call her.

Matt: Well, schmerp.


Matt found himself in a schmerpy mood because his girlfriend was sending mixed signals.
by KNor August 02, 2010
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a kiss or kissing sound, usually meant as a more 'cute' way of expressing a kiss rather than using a word such as 'kiss' or 'smooch'. Usually used in a text conversation, as the word doesn't quite seem to lend itself to oral conversation as well as textual. Is rumoured to have originated in Internet Juggalo vocabulary.
i"I'm gonna schmerp that neden and see if it tastes like cotton candy"/i

crushmonkey: bye for now, muffin

scandalous: *schmerp* bye for now, Angel

crushmonkey *schmerrrrp* :D
by stitchz July 27, 2006
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