An Extremely ugly saggy Penis. It does not matter how the male organ became Saggy, as long as it is clearly displaying loose skin.
He has a Schinkel it is so gross! His Skin is really loose which makes him have one!
by SchinkelFACE August 11, 2009
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a kid wtih absolutely no hobbies. very unatheltic but surprisingly good at weird sports. his room is filled with trophies from...
-water polo

theres so much more to say but i dont wanna end up like berkel
berkel: hey shinkel ur weird

lucas schinkel: o ya..???

2hours later
nate: has anybody seen berkel in a while???
by cloverdale12345 July 11, 2010
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a hot sexy afroman who is a great kisser and secretly loves someone in his group of friends.
would you look at that guy, he's such a schinkel.
by ifyouseeekamy July 10, 2009
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