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1. The act of being inert
2. To be lethargic

Synonyms: Veggin', Kickn' it, Chillin'

Related Forms: Noun - "Schiavo"

One who commits the act of "Schiavin'"
I called out sick today but I was really just schiavin'.

You never pay rent in this house you fucking schiavo.
by Pipe Club April 03, 2007
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(adj.) Word used to describe a person, usually in the depths of a prescription pill binge. This person is completely unaware of what's going on around him/her. The individual may be drifting off into his plate of cold ravioli, or be startled awake by the red bull that he is unconsciously slurping at when it dribbles down the side of his mouth. It is at this point that you might as well insert the feeding tube and replace their last name with "Schiavo", because they are certainly schiavin'.
Gavin: Man, look at Brad over there.
Spence: Yeah, he's about 5 days into an Oxy binge, schiavin' pretty hard.
by G-On the Block March 11, 2008
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