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This is a resident of the city of Schenectady. This generally includes, but is not limited to...crackheads, toothless prostitutes, bums-a-plenty, drug dealers, niggers who throw garbage everywhere, niggers who yell at their innocent crack addicted newborn babies, porch monkeys, wiggers, STD carrying whores, AIDS patients, corrupt cops who beat up bums and fuck hookers, hitch hikers who wear army fatigues, bums that wear babrie dolls around their neck, scum bags, white trash, niggers, normal white people and rounding out the smallest percentage of the population is normal African Americans, but that one person may have left town since this was posted.
There goes that Schenectadian, I beat she is an AIDS patient who sucks dick for crack and has a baby addicted to crack that sells drugs on the corner.
by YouKnowIt'sTrue January 10, 2011
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