An imaginary route used to explain otherwise inexplicable lateness.
Francine: "Bob, you're two and a half hours late! What took you so long?!"
Bob: "I took the scenic route."
Francine: "Oh, okay. That excuse makes perfect sense and I have no questions pertaining to the circumstances of your lateness beyond that."
by TheHereticTheory August 1, 2011
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The act of getting stuck behind an attractive girl who is walking very slow. There is something to look at, but it takes longer.
I was late to class because I took the scenic route.
by Dyllyle May 20, 2014
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The scenic route, The undesirable neighborhood that you would not want to live in or find yourself driving through very often due to safety concerns and just the depressing scene that is hurting your eyes. As you begin your grove you’ll notice a gradual increase in trash and untidy kept porches, as well as more and more graffiti,you’ll start noticing abandon cars and trash filled lots were houses once stood, Before you know it there is just random people all over the place ,junkies ,People pushing shopping carts with god only knows what down the middle of the street. All of this is taking place for example on a Tuesday afternoon at 3 p.m. I guess nobody has to be at work in these either

The smell of weed is everywhere in, cars with tinted windows and people in need of a belt to keep thier pants from falling down , there is no shortage of bodegas , Check cashing places, pawn shops, liquor stores,And plenty of takeout food stores.

You can spot the place that you can buy drugs from just like seeing other cars continually pulling up to the same corner of people then quickly driving off into the sunset.

And then at some point you have made it through the halfway point of the scenic route and you will find that conditions all the sudden begin to gradually improve back towards your neighborhood that actually has pride and respect for itself. As you arrive safely to your doorstep you reflect upon taking the scenic route home and are thankful that we live where you live. THE END.
On my way home from work today I had to take the scenic route due to a detour, I made sure my doors were locked and my Legally owed and licensed to carry 9 mm we’re ready just in case
by Pro stock April 13, 2022
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1. The act of plowing your way through a bunch of scene kids at a lame concert out of sheer boredom.
"Man, that show last night was so boring, I took the scenic route all the way to the front just to tell the lead singer how much they sucked."
by Juu Hachi April 6, 2008
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We were supposed to turn on 13th Street to get to the Capitol, but I guess we can take the scenic route...through Virginia.
by Rolf October 9, 2004
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An Elevator ride to or from the top or high floor of a building that stops at every floor on the way up or down.
"I tried to get out of work before those idiots downstairs in accounting so I wouldn't have to take the scenic route in the elevator ride down"
by Ben Faulding September 27, 2005
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The act of driving on less travelled back roads and neighborhood streets to avoid cops. Done when the driver is drunk, or has warrants, or has a hit out on him.
Guy 1: Man I was sooo wasted last night. My gf was still sleeping when I got home thank god.

Guy 2: You drove drunk!? Stupid move man you get pulled over for a DUI and they pull all your warrents you are FUCKED

Guy 1: Dont worry mate I know to take the scenic route home.
by sp4nkr March 24, 2009
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