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a Scene kid who tries to be indie and trys to hang in an indie crowd.
A Scenedie kid usually listens to a mixture of Bring Me The Horizon and bands like Arctic Monkeys or the Kooks.
male fashion is usually a mixture of band t-shirts, skinny jeans,cardigans,jumpers,hoodies etc.
Female fashion is usually the same with the exception of jumpers and the addition of floral dresses,
They sometimes have facial piercings or flesh tunnels.
Indie kid: did you hear that new song by the Libertines?
Scenedie kid: yeah it's well good bree bree!
Indie Kid:piss off!
by Setyouranchor April 07, 2009
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A person that can not decide whether they are scene or indie.

Usually someone that mixes the two looks in effort to fit into multiple social crowds.
Can also be someone that can't decide fashion trends and mixes and matches multiple scene/indie looks to create their "look".

Mostly seen wearing Band shirts, vans,skinnys, flanny shirts and beanies.
Have you seen Tim lately I think he is having a serious case of fashion OCD he's starting to look scenedie.
by betchawish July 18, 2011
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