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Much like a scene kid, but in a metal context. They have a tendency towards hating anything that becomes known and tend to spend more time judging and categorizing bands then actually listening to them. These strange creatures have a natural tendency towards hypocrisy that shows through fairly quickly when something is coined 'un-metal'. They also believe that their opinions are law and that if they declare something as 'crap' it is automatically 'not metal'. Experts theorize that these people are a lot less interested in the music then they are in appearing to be 'unique' and 'heavier' then everyone else. Though more usually they just piss off all the true metal-heads.
Guy 1: "Trivium is f*****g crap, they're not metal at all, same goes for Machine Head"

Guy 2: "Well, they're not punk, they're not hard-rock, they're not pop, they're not techno, what the f**k are they?"

Guy 1: "They're s**t"

Guy 2: "that's not a genre you scene-head, how about you have juice and a nap, stick a tampon in and quit your f*****g crying and just listen to it"
by metalequalswin September 06, 2009
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