Chugga Chugga is a form of hardcore music. With guitars tuned usually to C or lower, open notes, and breakdowns. It is a music to mosh to. Favorable to Scene Dippys
On Broken Wings, Black My Heart, Bury Your Dead...

Guitar: chugga chugga, pause, chug chug, chugga chugga.
all over breakdown beat.
by akakizz April 02, 2007
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Whatever you want it to mean.

Tis a verb! Use it as such. (Using it as anything other than a verb is incorrect)

A fill-in-the-blank kind of word. Think MadLibs.

The person you are talking to is allowed to use their mind to conclude how you used this word.

Their response generally shows what their meaning of the word is.
Ex. 1.
So this morning I chugga chugga choo chooed.
That is why I only hit the snooze button one time.

In example one, the person responding thinks that chugga chugga choo choo means that they overslept.

Ex. 2.
I chugga chugga choo chooed my toast :(
Aww... I hate burned bread.

In example two, the person responding thinks that chugga chugga choo choo means to burn.

Ex. 3.
Yo, dude! Whats up!?
Chugga Chugga Choo Chooing while playing scrabble.
I am so jealous! I love those kinds of crackers!

In example three, the person responding thinks that chugga chugga choo choo means eating crackers.

Ex. 4.
I chugga chugga choo chooed while bathing your grandmother.
DUDE!! WTF?!?1!*" 1>,!?!!!!1!!1!

In example four, the person responding obviously had some peculiar thoughts as to what chugga chugga choo choo means. But he also may have been responding to the "bathing your grandmother" part of the text. We will never know for sure.
by Named after his Grandpaws. September 23, 2009
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An application that runs and runs, but never seems to finish what it is supposed to be doing.
John just started the chugga chugga app this morning. If we are lucky, the reports might finish by the end of next week.
by PWDAD. December 15, 2017
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