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Legend says that during the legendary Greek War, a mystical creature was born. It's name was Scapegoaties. It all started when a farmer was trying to escape the sufferings of the Greek War. He loaded all his supplies and his two goats in a boat and ventured off into the sea. A couple feet into the sea, he realized that he was sinking because there were too many items on the boat. He quickly went to one of the goats and cast him overboard. The goat drowned and was passed into the underworld. Aries, the God of War looked into the goat's soul and saw resentment and sadness and decided to use him as his own goat warrior. Aries went to the God of the Underworld, Hades, to strike a deal. The deal was to bring back the goat to life in exchange for souls that the goat warrior would bring back. Hades accepted and brought him back to life under the command of Aries, the body of a fish, and the signature of Hades, a goatee. Now every one thousand years, Scapegoaties rises from the sea, comes into countries and destroys them by looking into each and every person's souls.
You Shall Die in the Name of the Scapegoaties!!
by LilTinkTink October 18, 2013
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