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A rapper who was with The Killa Klan Kaze, Kame Kaze, and the Thugz from da Southside Kazed out 2000 mass destruction album. He made numerous apperances with Three Six Mafia like Dont make me Kill, be a witness, and some other shit. His rhymes were fucking santanic as hell, and rapped sorta like Koopsta Knicca.
Damn Scanman ripped that fucking song.
by Courtney March 11, 2005
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Usually an IT geek who is in charge of scanning large amounts of paper or files. Scan Man identifies and fixes any scanning errors and is sometimes revered as a type of pseudo super hero. Scan Man is often seen wearing t-shirts with software or trade show logos. Scan Man has also been known to sport high waters when required to dress up.
Scan Man came to the rescue yesterday when the scanner jammed and the entire system almost shut down.
by See Sack EIA April 27, 2009
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The all knowing Religon Teacher. Scan-Man is wise, yet cool. Scan Man just happens to be the coolest religon teacher since the begining of time. He makes Religon cool. The inventor of Smee Dank
Yea Scan Man
by Macaroni Man October 01, 2003
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