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"Scallison" is the ship name between soulmates Scott McCall and Allison Argent in the MTV show, Teen Wolf-They are absolutely perfect together and will always love each other - even when Kira and Isaac enter the scene.
"I don't like Scallison, it's obvious Isaac and Allison love eachother"
Entire Fandom: Bro are you frigging kidding me right now.
by Clary Herondale August 12, 2016
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Scallison is the fan-fictional blend that refers to a relationship between the characters Scott and Allison off the MTV show called Teen Wolf

Scott + Allison = Scallison
Girl 1: hey do you know what Scott and Allison's ship name is?

Girl 2: it's Scallison everyone knows that
by stydia shipper July 03, 2016
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