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Sayward; A small town in the middle of no where, the kids have nothing to do so in there free time they all smoke pot and drink, They are outsiders and have no friends. except the ones that live in Sayward of course.
that kids from sayward.
what a sayward kid
those sayward kids up to no good!
by 6969969969966969969669669h November 27, 2011
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Often used when calling someone australlian who is a mucian in crap music.
hello bother i think your a sayward
by Calonigaphy October 07, 2007
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overly emotional, neurotic and bi-polar bitch
Damn, that girl is sayward. She never makes any sense. One minute she's happy, then her mood does a complete 360. I can't stand dealing with her.
by fancula November 08, 2007
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