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The most badass motha fuckers you'll ever meet. In the band, everybody knows that saxophones are the coolest people. They usually like smoking weed and getting high. See music like nobody else does and are passionate as hell.

Saxophone players are the right amount of confident, not too much like the cock sucking trumpet players and not as little as the french horn players because nobody has even heard them speak.
Saxophone players are intelligent, good looking, funny, and epic. During football games, no other sections ever have as much fun as the saxophone players. In life, they end up being successful and turning into rich folks.

Usually end up being drum majors their senior year and are the best section leaders.
You will more than likely see the saxophone players hanging out with drummers.

When a saxophone player first picks us his/her instrument they know it's the love of his/her life. When then finally have a girlfriend/boyfriend they know how to turn them on.

In Texas, the saxes are unbelievable.

The true makers of Jazz...
Dan: "Yea dude, I heard about the saxophone players in the band. What's the deal?"
Richard: "Does it matter? Anything they do, they will be better than you."
Dan: "Yea you're right.... "
by SaxItUp June 02, 2011
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no where near as cool as flutes but still pretty awesome
the flute players are awesome I guess the saxophone players are cool to.
by #noclassification November 20, 2017
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