- a sense of style per say. being a savv or being savvy is having a sense of style (not specifically clothing just style of personality and lifestyle) that’s original and different from other people. it’s your own swag that can never be copied or recreated
Faux is a savv, he talks, walks, dresses, and acts in his own original way. He’s very savvy in the way he does things everyday.
by Coach98765 July 23, 2018
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Savvs are the best. They are normally curly hair and brown ish eyes. Savvs are fine, thicc very intelligent. Savv is a nickname for a girl named Savannah. Savannahs make very good GFS and they p***y stay juicy. ( Savannah goes out with a boy normally named Ryan Latta.)
Man one: Damn shorty bhadd
Ryan Latta: If you even think about making a move on savv we gone have to take that one
by Potatoshaun April 21, 2018
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