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The existence of this country is denied by most; but such people have no homelands to be spoken of. Most trees here are dead, as they have been turned to parts used to build a paper processing plant. The population, surprisingly, is not one consisting of "big foots", but rather rednecks, hillbillies, and on occasion, a local sheriff. This country is known for large underground deposits of cotton. Recent conflicts here have prevented tourism and cotton from being major economic sources of money. Thus, there is no system of currency here. You can only access this place by riding the SS. HOLY SHIT, or the Howling Executioner of Hades, if he is in a good mood. However, the LMSYR prevents most people from accessing Sasquachistan. The LMSYR has been fighting scottish pirates for well over a fortnight. They are losing. They are high.
Ay, bitch, get yo ass in da car so we can hit dat Sasquatchistan wit mah molten shit, bro.
by The Twelve Tounged Tree December 31, 2009
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The dwelling of the ancient Big Foot: Sasquatch. This is located in northern Romania. It is very cold and extremely forested.
Nightly News Reporter: Yesterday an adult female was murdered by a Sasquatch in Sasquatchistan.

Big Foot
by Dr. Zho G.L. Deer March 19, 2009
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