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Someone who is willing to sacrifice for othersโ€™ happiness. A big hearted person. A person who is both internally and externally beautiful. They are also very smooth in doing many things and when it comes to the opposite gender, they become a strong magnet. They are also very strong and determined so putting their all in things they do is a trait of theirs. Although they tend to keep things to themselves because of their sensitivity towards others, they are constantly trying to better themselves. A Sashi is someone we all need in life.
Wow that person is so sashi

You are very kind and that is a very sashi thing
Omg look at that Sashi! So attractive!
by J-Kardash January 03, 2018
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An acronym that describes anything that is or related to indie people or things -- super attractive and stylish hippie intellectuals (SASHI) -- that is used by people who do not want to appear as indie posers.
Wow, that new band is so sashi.
by Double Dolphin May 22, 2011
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It can be used for many definitions but it is mostly used to describe a friend named Sasha and if that person likes sushi it is a perfect combo
Sashi your the best
Why do you like sushi so much sashi?
by Wordmakerforeva June 05, 2018
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