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a girl with red hair, who is sweet and kind, and also plays video games in spare time.
she confuses some members of the population regarding the large size of her eyes and so has led some to believe that she may actually be Japanese.

sometimes appearing on the face of the internet with one red eye while the other is blue which many have come to conclude as "awesome" or "kawaii".
seen around once a month logged onto some of her online accounts and is genuinely friendly. she can sometimes be seen chatting about her fave video games or random things or else is seen making new friends.
person 1: i think i just found the perfect woman..

person 2: yeah? she must be a sarkoh!
by poowadpoohs February 06, 2010
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A somewhat known face across internet. nice person to talk with and is not stuck up like a lot of the other girls you find. has decent taste in music unlike majority of the usual emo/scene stereotype found on the internet. has sweet red hair but didnt suddenly get it when the red hair craze appeared. interested in video games seperates her again from the vast majority of the female population. pretty cool artist too. to sum thing up she is wow.
Male - wow a girl you can get along with who also likes video games?

male two - must be a Sarkoh
by bill gates eh December 22, 2009
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