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1.) Similar in image and form as quotation marks, however expertly injected into a sentence to emphasize a sarcastic comment or intentional misnomer.

2.) Often used by more sophisticated and intellectual beings to replace the use of sarcastic emoticons in some emails and social networking sites.

3.) The physical sign language or hand motions that are directly related to sarcastiquotes have previously been known as air-quotes during speech-based conversations.

4.) Can be used in a group setting to subtly slip a hint to a specific person, or can be used as a surefire way to distinguish the moron of the group-briskly.

Ex. 1. & 2.)

*Over Instant Messenger*
Jon: "Hey man, what did we do in English today?"

Patrick: "Dude, wow! You were really "listening" weren't you?"

Jon: "I was listening."

Patrick: "Obviously not if I find the need to use sarcastiquotes with you."

Ex. 3.)

Dana: "Jane, when Jared was prank calling people did he *air-quotes* accidentally *air-quotes* call you?"

Jane: "Yes, that jackass *air-quotes* accidentally *air-quotes* called me at three o'clock in the morning. And if he hadn't the nerve already, he also called me darling!"

Dana: "That SOB!"

Ex. 4.)

Group *Reading Email Quietly to Themselves*: "If you can read this then you are a really "dumb" person."

Moron *Breaks Silence*: "Wait, hold on. I don't get it; what's he quoting? Pfff, this guy is an idiot, he's quoting a dumb person. Haha."

Group *Disgusted*: "You're a moron!"
by popthatweasle February 08, 2010
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