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She may seem quiet, shy, and innocent, but once you get to know her she is very loud and VERY funny, she is someone that everyone would want to be friends with. She has good energy and is full of good vibes. Stay on her good side and don't make lies because you don't know what she is capable of. She's the realest one out there so keep her. She's very sensitive but tries not to show it, she doesn't let what others say get to her. She's very pretty but doesn't see it most of the time. She's smart, intelligent, beautiful, and very attractive. Even if you've did her wrong she'll fight for the friendship and she's very forgiving. She's a great best friend and will do anything to make you happy, she really cares for everyone in her life and wishes the best for them, she has a big heart. Saralee is very sweet. But she hates being lied to, it's something that makes her sad. She always finds a way to keep her head up and stay happy. She's a great person and she's super fun, don't let go of her.
Girl #1: Do you know Saralee?

Girl #2: Omg yes! She's literally the best and she's such a great friend!
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by uh ohh, stinky November 04, 2019
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a Feckless, Shameless, Coward whose purpose in Life is to please Donald J. Trump with Oral Praise and Bullshit Compliments. ( Noun ).
Lindsey Graham is a consummate Trump Fluffer.
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by FortunateSun October 24, 2019
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She’s nice she’s kind shes starts off shy but once you get to know her she’s becomes very cool, she’s very beautiful, she’s the perfect height and she very loyal.
β€œ wow Saralee is an amazing person”
by Saraled March 18, 2019
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A name brand company which sells food products which not that many people like anymore, and can in the right stores have an outrageous price for selling their goods; usually not worth buying unless your willing to put alot of money in for food that is just okay or even crappy.
Instead of the slogan "Nobody doesn't like sara lee",
it really ought to be "Nobody likes sara lee".
by Phaenixdrools December 21, 2006
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bread lady, generally a very fat chonga, and stupid, and they may have graduated from mast academy.
Hey saralee why are you such a friggen chonga you fat ass.
by wheaton<3 August 18, 2006
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