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An alternate term for lesbian or a lover of women. It describes a female who is fond of women, may it be emotional, romantic, aesthetic of sexual affection. It's a more poetical term for a female homosexual and can be preferred over lesbian, gay and homosexual.

The term derives from the Greek poet Sappho, who lived on the Isle of Lesbos. She mostly wrote about women and loving women. The term sapphist (or lesbian) can also describe a citizen of Lesbos.
"This author said she's a sapphist. What does that mean?"
- "It means that she likes women."

"My aunt loves women, writes about them and has read Sappho's poems. She's the greatest sapphist I know."

"My uncle is a sapphist. He comes from Mytilene, the capital of Lesbos."
by angstybutterfly August 18, 2016
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A word for a woman who loves other women. This love can cover everything from emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual love. It is an older term for women who love women. It derives from the poet Sappho, who lived on the Isle of Lesbos. Sappho wrote poetry, mostly about women and loving women.
It's a term that some women prefer over the ever popular and sometimes bastardized term lesbian. It's usually only a term that one woman can give herself (unless she still lives in Lesbos... but in that circumstance it means something different, and has no lesbian connotations).
"I love women - I am a sapphist"

"My aunt only loves women, she writes about them, and is even living with one. She is a self-proclaimed sapphist"

"I love women, I respect women, and I am happy with the fact that I'm a sapphist"

by Diamanda Graves July 07, 2008
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