wise, having or showing sound judgment; possessing or expressing great sagacity

Also relating to the Human species Homo sapiens
a stern, smiting but sapient man stood before them
by S256 October 12, 2020
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sapient - survivor
The sapient of the worse calamities that hit the earth will continue to rule the earth.
by rishi sayan June 10, 2017
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a JC mod (former admin) with no balls. after protesting that it was unfair to ask for his personal information, he gave in when he was threatned with demotion.
Darth Sapient grabbed his ankles for Philip Wise
by JCnerd March 23, 2004
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Sapient Equalism, also Sapientequaism, is a cultural progressive and left leaning ideology that support all sapient beings are equal among themselves, such as humans, xenos/aliens, extraphysical/spiritual life forms (like gods and spiritual beings) and all other possible sapient life forms that might exist, and some variant even includes Artificial Intelligence as well. Sapient equalism supports that everyone that is sapient and conscious of itself can have the same rights and have a sapient life. Sapient Equalism supports that all sapient beings can have rights, some variants advocating the same rights and others advocating different rights for each kind of sapient beings according to their cultural, social and spiritual/religious conditions. Sapient Equalism also supports that sapient species can cooperate among each other and help each other to build a better place for living, regarding being human, xeno or extraphysical. Sapient Equalism also supports that sapient beings should protect protect non-sapient beings.
"Sapient Equalism is the future of law and rights, sapient equality is about to become thing just as species equality also is, both sapient equalism and bioequalism will lead into the future of social rights and of equal rights to everyone else. And that's going to be amazing for everyone else in this planet or that is part of human civilization or will be part of the human civilization."
by Full Monteirism May 01, 2021
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