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<verb> A word denoting the sandwiching together of parts of two people’s names (Sandra and Dandridge as the prime example). Selected syllables of the two names are combined into one common label used to refer to both people as a unit. This ritual is normally reserved for famous Hollywood movie stars, and is also used liberally by paparazzi and tabloid magazines.

Some attempts at sandridging though may be unsuccessful based on various characteristics of the two name ingredients, like spelling, grammar and number of syllables. For example: some people might find it morally offensive to sandridge the names Mike and Octavia (Mikoc?).

To date, sandridging has been limited to only two name ingredients, although there is no evidence to suggest that sandridging with more than two name ingredients would not be just as successful.
Sue: So did you accept Tyrell’s proposal?!

Mary: Oh gosh, I could never marry Tyrell! We’d be sandridged into something awful like Martyr!
by Photofx March 19, 2010
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